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Help us keep up with you by notifying us of any address changes.

If you’re the customer/account holder

If you’re the account holder and you’d like to have your 西班牙&E bill mailed somewhere other than your service address:

  • 打电话给西班牙&E at 1-800-411-西班牙E (7343), or
  • Download and submit this form.

Changing the mailing address for someone else

If you’re requesting this service on behalf of a customer or co-applicant, the customer or co-applicant must submit the following:

If the customer or co-applicant is disabled or ill and can’t request their own address change, 一个家长, 照顾者, or other third party may request the change on their behalf by submitting the following:

电子邮件, 邮件 or fax completed, signed, and dated authorization letters and forms to:


Special Services Desk, CP-62A
P.O. 129831箱
San Diego, CA 92112-9831

Fax Number: 1-858-636-7719
Attention: Special Services Desk